We pride ourselves on finding the best way forward, whether that involves following the well-trodden path or taking a completely alternative approach. Tradition and orthodoxy become less relevant when results speak for themselves.

That philosophy informs our approach to legal counsel, but it also equally applies to our personnel.

At Fletcher Clarendon, the capability of our people is paramount. Regardless of how that capability is enacted – through creative or conventional means – proficiency is what we value highest.

“Proficiency determines progress – for organisation and individual alike.”

That’s why we offer capability based career progression.

We proudly attribute our people the status, seniority and position they deserve based on their contribution, rather than the number of years they’ve spent as part of the legal system.

Although we may not be one of the large traditional firms, we do offer huge scope for progression. Take control of your own professional development. Drive your career further, faster, through the impact of your contribution.

As part of our boutique team of specialists, you’ll enjoy unfettered access to highly skilled legal minds. And, become part of a scalable team that offers a balanced breadth of practicing experience.

Get in touch with us to learn about available opportunities.